THE RIGHT CHOICE OF MATERIAL is important: Pontoon Type Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and Hybrid Internal Floating Roofs; Full Contact Internal Floating Roofs.

The FULL CONTACT ALUMINIUM HONEYCOMB PANEL INTERNAL FLOATING ROOF has been designed to meet the industry requirement for a low emission; simultaneously it is extremely durable and overcomes the many design problems that exist in other well-known brand IFR’s.

The HEAVY DUTY ALUMINIUM, HYBRID OR ALL STAINLESS STEEL INTERNAL FLOATING ROOF is ideally suited to service in earthquake prone regions or in those tanks subject to sloshing and/or turbulence due to high fill rates or mixers.

An Internal Floating Roof must be easy to install, must have a good handling and must be reliable in operations. This can only be guaranteed, if you consider important facts.

ELSONT’s IFRs are based on a solid frame structure; the pontoons do not have main mechanical functions. The support legs are fixed directly to the rigid framework and not to the pontoons. Our IFR is strong enough to walk on at any time. Loads up to 460 kg/ft² are no challenge for our IFRs.

REDUCE THE PRODUCT LOSS through vapours up to 99% by operating internal floating roofs with mechanical, liquid mounted stainless steel shoe seals.

You have the choice from a variety of rim seals to fit your IFR with or without foam dam: The mechanical shoe seal or the PE wiper seal, as double seal solution, or even a double wiper seal. The shoe seal can be used for the full range of tank products.

The vapour barrier fabric can be made of PU or PTFE with anti-static properties.

Roof supports, gauge poles, ladders, a.s.o. The perfect seal for all appurtenances.